Recovery Phase Week 6


So there’s not much to report with regards to my own personal training and nutrition at the moment, everything is pretty much the same. Holding condition and weight down at around 8% and 19stone 5lbs.  This is whilst still only training 3 times per week, although some weeks I have only got into the gym twice due to the massive work load that is coming in, but this is the time to organize the businesses and earn money before next years offseason prep and diet phase start.


Below is a sample leg workout that I did last week. Once again not using huge weights but it’s enough to give the legs a good workout .


10 minutes on a stationary bike


100 bodyweight squats,

- 2 second pause at the bottom, Hamstrings to touch calves, no resting at the top part of the movement. This is just 1 set… the pump will be massive!


Back squats    4 sets                      12 reps                       60s rest          3010 tempo

Leg extensions 6 sets                     25 reps                       60s rest          3010 tempo

Leg press       4 sets                       15 reps                       60s rest          3010 tempo

FST 7s leg extensions


Lying leg curls (in extension            3 sets              8 reps                                     3010

Lying leg curl (in flexion)                  3 sets              8 reps              60s rest          3010


Seated calve raise                            4 sets              20reps             60s rest          3210

Standing calve raise                         4 sets              8 reps              60s rest          3110


That’s pretty much it so like I said no excessive weights were used but just went for a huge pump to get the blood flushed through the legs and to possibly simulate some new growth in a different way as to not put to much pressure on the joints.


Below is a picture of my current offseason condition, got 6 more weeks to hold this before the growing begins.





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