What does your Gut say about you?


was going to be the title of this email but i thought this one was funnier




i do like to say the things other people are to scared or proffessional to say




Gut health is something that I promote right from the start with every single one of my clients


After all without it


All this food that your chowing downs is going to waste.


Bodybuilders in particular are renownd for having poor digestion and gut health

From the amateurs right through to the pro ranks


Its pretty stupid right?


Especially when having a healthy digestion would result in much better muscular gains


But yet they often do nothing about it


On advantage with a healthy gut


Portion sizes would not need to be as big


As everything would be utilized much more efficiently


So what’s causing these issues?


Most bodybuilders think that there diets are perfect but often there is room for improvement


There are a few simple things with you can do to improve yours with a few little tweaks


-       Do not eat the same thing every single day as this can lead to resistance and intolerances to food


-       Stay away from food you know your intolerant to



-       Eat plenty of fiber and roughage


-       Eat the best quality meat that you can find



-       Use a digestive support enzyme, probiotics, greens shakes (best to use all 3)



There are plenty more things that you can do to improve your digestion but the above is a good place to start


Just remember that if you have an unhealthy gut 


You can put all the food in the world down your throat


But it ll be a waste of time


No benefit will come of this.


Also be aware that the distention that you see from some bodybuilders and lifters is caused by this poor gut health


You do not wanna look like one of these guys!


Ripped, big and muscular with a nine month pregnant belly


No thank you!


What’s the point in training to look like that?




Here’s my before and after pictures


The after pictures is me at 19stone  3 days before my show with a 30inch waist and no gut distention


click here to see me in my pants! ;)



Lauire “Wasp waist” Carr


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