Granny bashing & speed walking


Iam pretty much half way through my dieting phase getting ready for the British finals


And the insomnia started to kick in


It’s pretty normal from here on in


Hormones and body natural rhythms are all over the place


Good thing is when this happens


I am productive as fuck


Getting up at 3 in the morning to start my working day means I get twice as much done


These lazy fuckers who say they carnet work or function when they’re in full on diet mode talking bollocks


Or they’re just dieting completely wrong


Any how cos I am up early with the birds, getting my cardio done nice and early and out the way


About 5.00am this morning


You’d think that there would be no one about


Especially in a village


But its like the walking dead of old people just milling around minding there own business, soaking up the day light


I am telling you theres hundreds of them


There everywhere!


Then comes me


20stone freight train, hood up sweating and speed walking towards them


As soon as they see me they all shit themselves!


Think Iam gonna rob them or something!


Don’t think that they can get there head around some guy just taking a power walk just trying to burn up some body fat


Think there used to seeing people running in Bright flouresent t-shirt, skinpy running shorts and fancy trainers


this would be also considered normal.


Let me tell you something


long distance running is for competitive runners only


Unless you enjoy it


And if you do you must be mad


In my opinion no one else should run


Bad for your knees

Bad for your ankles

Bad for your hips

And does jack shit for fat burning


Yes belive me when it comes to fat burning, fast walking hands running its ass


So if you were running for fat loss


Stop right now


Waste of time and energy


Sure it’ll make you fit


But have you seen the state of those long distance runners on TV


Very fit, but Emaciated, skinny, and no muscle,


Definitely not a good look


Anyway so if you have been wasting your time doing stuff that’s not in line with your end goals then get in touch


Ill set you off on the right path


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Laurie “Scaring old people” Carr




If you see any other people early morning taking a speed walk in and around Lincoln there probably one of my clients


Keep a look out


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