Well, I am 6 days out from the British finals and hanging in there..... just!

To be honest this has had to of been the easiest prep that I have done to date in terms of diet, training, and support that I have had from friends, family, clients/customers and as always my girlfriend Kimberly. But at the same time one of the hardest preps due to all of the other stuff that going on in my life right now!

If I was to prep the old way , getting fat in the off season and then having to drop 3 stone 15-20% body fat, I am not sure that I would have even done it and even if I did I would definitely not look the way I do at the moment.


So what’s going down?

1.  Baby on the way, due in 3 months.

2.  New house being built as we speak.

3. New business taking off !

4. Prepping for the British finals.

5. Making sure all the other business are running like clockwork (managing staff)

I know a lot of competitive bodybuilders, and sometimes non competitive bodybuilders, who put their life on hold when it’s show time (or tight t-shirt time) but why do that for a plastic trophy? I believe you just need to keep pushing forward and not waste a single opportunity in life .

Like I said I think the key to this prep has been the result of having such a good off season, staying lean is in my opinion (and the opinion of many experts) the best way to grow muscle in the off season and keep muscle, even build muscle while dieting down.  Here are my offseason stats just before I started dieting


Offseason                           285lbs @ 11% body fat
Actual body fat                 31.35LBs
Actual lean tissue             253.65  

Expected stage weight 266lbs @ 4% body fat
Actual Body fat                 10.64lbs
Actual Lean Tissue           255.36lbs

So stage weight would have gone up by around 11lbs in the 2 years that that I had off competing to grow and work on the weak body parts.  I would say that it’s been a successful off season!

So a total bodyweight loss of 19lbs, but an unexpected lean tissue gain of 1.17lbs over the course of an 18 week diet! Not bad and this is definitely reflected in the increase of strength that I have had throughout the whole diet! I don’t remember  a single session where I have noticed a physical decrease in strength, and my log book confirms this.

So what have I done this past year to make these gains? Here is the list and i am going to discuss these tactics further in later posts and outline my complete blue print for last 2 years preparation so that you can maybe use them at your disposal. As I build out the blue print I will link back to this post so you can follow which section that I am referring too.

  1. Health and recovery, detoxification
  2. Rotational Nutrient timing approach & hormone manipulation
  3. Rest recovery & my Balanced dietary approach
  4. Structured rotational hypertrophy training methodology (plus intensifiers)
  5. Log book use
  6. Using a coach
  7. Supplemental use
  8. Getting organised!

So Speak soon when ill have an update for you & after the British Finals, let’s hope it all goes to plan!


Laurie Carr
UKBFF Super heavy weight champion Bodybuilder
Performance PT Physique & Prep Coach

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