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Do you want to change your body?



Personal Training packages by Performance PT


Are you serious about wanting to change your body?


Whether you want to compete in the fitness industry or you’re looking to change your body & lifestyle to look & feel the best you can, we offer a variety of different personal training packages available to suit individual goals and needs.


Nothing worth having is easy and there is no magic overnight fix. Our Personal training packages require hard work, dedication and commitment. But if you are serious about wanting to change we promise are style of personal training will deliver extreme results!


These packages are designed for serious individuals who are willing commit to there goals and want to change for the long term. If a few abdominal crunches & an extra portion of salad a week is what you have in mind these packages aren’t for you.


You don’t have to be a specific level of fitness or look a certain way to sign up. You just have to want to change and be prepared to give it your all!


“Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late To Get Your Body Back!”


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__ Yes! I want to learn more about how I can improve my health and fitness, and get the results I want from my fitness and nutrition program. I’m tired of spinning my wheels and going nowhere, and I’m serious about getting results and reclaiming my attractive, healthy, and energetic body once and for all. I am interested in more information about your programs, including private one-on-one personal training. Please contact me to schedule a FREE complimentary private consultation with you worth £99.00


So if you’re interested in talking to someone about our Premium One to One Coaching Package or any other package then dont wait any longer & fill out the FREE consultation request form Below.




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