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Group Training Packages


Results Driven Personal Training


Our Group Training Packages are also focused on delivering educated and planned training systems to generate maximum results in the recommended time period. To keep the consistently high results that we achieve, group sessions are limited to a maximum of 3 persons per session.


Whether it’s hypertrophy Sessions (muscle growth), specialist Fat loss or increase in general fitness. We will have the group session for you!


Just like the One to One package, the training emphasis is based around correct technique and execution to get maximum benefit, particularly when the goal is hypertrophy and Fat loss.


Unlike other Trainers/Coaches we are not in the habit of taking the easy option and improvising the programme as we go along, day to day, week to week.


The group packages come with the beginning Evaluation & monthly accountability consultations and assessments. This is to ensure that the client doesn’t fall off track and to keep the training specific throughout the programme for their individual goals. 


A dedicated bespoke nutrition and supplementation plan is also provided for each individual in the group. This will be updated on a monthly basis, we will also provide extra fat burning and muscle build protocols for outside of the gym to help further the clients results.


If you’re a corporate client or group of friends or even an individual wanting to join in on the group training sessions then please fill in the consultation request form below and someone will be contact with you within 24hrs. 


Or alternatively please call us on 07969 182 925




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