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Welcome to Performance Foods

Referrals programme



As a  thankyou for your continued support of

 Performance PT we have set up a brand new referrals

 programme. This your chance to get some free stuff

 from us!


So how does it work ?


 For every referral that you send me that becomes a new client, you will get your choice of the following gifts absolutely FREE:


-              2 FREE personal; training sessions


-              £100 cash back


-              1 months supply of your favourite supplement


 Most of you refer to me anyway but I think that’s important I show that I value you as a client and appreciate your referrals. When you think about people that you might refer keep these ideas in mind:


-              People you work with


-              Friends listed in your mobile phone


-              Neighbours


-              People you know from hobbies and other interests


-              Family members


-              People you do business with


-              Childrens friends parents


 Hopefully that will jog your memory a little. If you just spend a couple of minutes thinking about it I am sure some names will spring to mind who would like to experience the same benefits that you have experienced while working with me.


 Below is a referral form all you need to do is  think of  people who might be of interest in finding more about my services. 


 Thanks for your help!


Laurie Carr


 Also dont forget i will be offering the people who you refer to me a FREE personal training session