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Reflex Zinc Matrix 100 caps

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The Reflex Nutrition Zinc Matrix is a natural substance and therefore allowed under I.O.C testing. Not only containing Zinc, this specially designed formula also consists of Boron and Copper, both of which help imrpove bone density and health, provide symptomatic relief to arthritis and help the body to process amino acids. Not just another Zinc supplement, Reflex Nutrition Zinc Matrix supports a healthy body in many ways! Reflex Nutrition Zinc Matrix is a uniquely synergistic mineral formula designed to support healthy anabolic-hormone production (without the use of pro-hormones) in conjunction with an effective exercise and nutrition program. This special formula is different to other ZMA formulations. The Zinc Matrix formulation contains the addition of amino acid chelated Copper and Boron. Copper is included to help maintain an optimal zinc to copper ratio within the body. Boron is added for its role in healthy bone metabolism. Clinically proven to raise Testosterone levels by over 33% and increase strength by over 11%, it is the only all natural product that has been proven to increase anabolic hormone levels and strength in trained athletes. This product is aimed at those people who are focused on aiding the recovery process from strenuous exercise programmes. Amount Per Servings: Per 3 capsules: Zinc: 15mg Magnesium: 450mg Vitamin B6: 10.5mg Copper: 1mg Boron: 1mg Other Ingredients: In a 2 piece gelatine capsule: ZMA (Zinc/Magnesium Aspartate, Zinc I-Monomethionine, Pyridoxine Hydrchloride), Copper Amino Acid Chelate, Magnesium Stearate. Directions For Use: Take 3 capsules daily before bedtime.

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