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Scivation Psycho 61.2G

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Finally, you’re all alone. Just you and an orgy of iron and steel. Well, not exactly. The gym is crowded as always. But you are undisturbed by the clamor; you have tunnel vision. You possess a unique mindset — a mindset reserved only for those who can crawl into a space where the mind-muscle connection is forged. This womblike experience translates into greatness, but is reserved only for those who can erase the visual distractions and tune out the auditory commotion.

Your eyes and ears are dead to the world, only focused on the task at hand. To the casual observer you’re adrift in your own world. To the critically aware, they know you have the only mindset for the task at hand — you have the mindset of a Psycho!

Over the last few years, the pre-workout supplement market has become a stimulant race with manufacturers jamming more and more caffeine/guarana/yerba mate into a single dose. We love caffeine (who doesn't?) but too much of a good thing can be hard to tolerate. That’s why Scivation decided to take the path less traveled. Scivation has taken a different approach and proud to release its latest offering, a certifiable pre-workout Hurricane Godzilla formula we simply call Psycho.

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