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Vyomax Nutrition Vyofit Vanilla Drink 330ml

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Vyomax Nutrition Vyofit Vanilla Drink 330ml

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Vyomax Nutrition Vyofit Vanilla Drink 330ml


VyoFit Ready To Drink Protein shake is a delicious, convenient and nutritious milk-based drink that is ready to go when you are. It has been designed to encourage muscle repair, growth and recovery after exercise. VyoFit Tetra Pak utilises aseptic technology, which distinguishes it from the standard protein powder. Aseptic technology is a gentle way of processing liquid that keeps it fresh, safe and flavourful. This delicate process prevents the protein from denaturing, producing a product that retains all of its essential and non-essential amino acids. VyoFit Protein is free of preservatives and aspartame and has been fortified with vitamins and minerals to help support your body’s daily requirements. Key Benefits of VyoFit Tetra Pak: · Tastes Fantastic · Utilises Aseptic Technology · 21.5g of Protein Per Carton · Low in Fat · Preservative Free · Ready to Drink Recommended Usage: VyoFit is best taken within 30 minutes of exercise in order to maximise absorption, or in between meals 1-2 times a day to increase your protein intake and supplement your diet. Nutritional Information (250ml carton): Energy 192kcal Protein 21.50g Carbohydrate 21.50g of which sugars 13.20g Fat 1.25g of which saturates 0.28g Product Size: Case of 24

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